From Frame 1:

The depot is not like any other. It is very bright and the floor is glass with a giant fish tank under with fish I have never seen before (Kenny).

From Frame 3:

A grizzly, old man walked up and put his bags right into the compartment for J7. He cleared his throat of the mucus that hung around just beyond the beginning of his tongue. The suit he was wearing was a little ripped and tarnished but he payed no mind to it. He was a wreck, and he was sitting right next to me (Alicia).

From Frame 5:

She looked like she wanted to talk, so I quickly looked away. I had so many questions, but I didn't know how to go about them. As I gazed around the ship at the other passengers, I noticed children resting and couples chatting (Morgan).

From Frame 10:

She opens her eyes to see a very handsome gentleman staring at her, but he's looking at her feet. She looks down and finds a dryer sheet sticking out of the bottom of her pants. Utter embarrassment comes over her. The gentleman smirks (Kristyn).