An Argument You Can See

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"The process of working through an argument is the process of inquiry." - George Hillocks, Jr.

Student/Text Centered Strategies:
Jigsaw Summary / Expert Groups
Whip Around
Think Pair Share
First Turn/Last Turn

On-going ideas:
Article of the Week
Political Cartoons

Lord of the Flies ideas:
LotFlies - Ch. 1-3 Inference Notes
LotFlies - Ch. 4-6 Character Mindset
LotFlies: Ch. 7 Second-Draft Read Process Notes
LotFlies: Ch. 8 Second Draft Read Process-Notes
LotFlies: Ch. 9 Second-Draft Read Process Notes
LotFlies: Ch. 7-9 Process Notes
LotFlies: Ch. 10-12 Think in Threes
LotFlies: Symbolism Four-Square Compare
LotFlies: Poetry Symbolism

Night ideas:
Night - Pre-Reading - One Day Research
Night - p. 3-22 13 Views
Night - p. 23-46 Never Shall I Forget
Night - p. 47-65 Reading Response Lit Log
Night - p. 66-84 Text Rendering
Night - p. 85-112 Critical Events

Poll Everywhere
CCSS - ELA, History, Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects
CCSS - Mathematics
Argumentative Writing Terminology
PSA Argumentative Writing Assignment
PSA Collaborative Brainstorm
Argument Organizer - Jim Burke, Teaching ToolsJayCut - Free Online Video Editor
Incompetech - Royalty Free Music
Thesis Generator - Jim Burke, What's the Big Idea?Understanding Human Nature - ELA 11B project
Digital Permission Form
Chippewa River Writing Project
National Writing Project
Kent ISD Moodle


Teaching Argument for Critical Thinking and Writing: An Introduction - George Hillocks, JrChanging Education Paradigms- Ken Robinson
excerpt from Ch. 7 Argument and Interpretation - Teaching Argument Writing, George Hillocks, Jr
What's the Big Idea? - Jim Burke
Improving Adolescent Literacy: Effective Classroom and Intervention Practices