Teaching Informational Writing

Presented by Troy Hicks


  • Informational writing in a digital age has become more than simply describing a process; media elements such as visuals and links have become a part of author's craft for creating informational texts
  • Informational writing has a reputation of being "dry" or voiceless; there are many writers who craft high-quality informational texts with voice and passion
  • Reading and writing informational texts are reciprocal acts; reading and writing informational texts for the web is our next logical step in creating highly literate students


  • Remixing the "Article of the Week" with Google Docs (Reading like a Writer)
  • Intro to Evernote and Citelighter
  • The Qualities/Components of Informational Text
    • Text Features
      • Subheadings
      • Images/Captions
      • Charts/graphs
      • Frontload Information
      • References
      • Sidebars
      • Bold/italics/underline
    • Qualities
      • She had voice -- she made allusions, it was conversational, spicy words
      • She uses relatable examples
      • Uses "us" -- what?!?!
    • Adding Visuals (I See What You Mean)
    • Adding Links
  • Creating Our Own Informational Texts: What to Include?

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